A drawing of a woman with yellow necklace
A painting of trees and bushes with paint splashes.
Four books with writing on them.
A television with three women sitting in it.
A blurry image of the reflection of a street sign.
A blurry image of a train track with graffiti.
A photo of the sky and trees in front of a circular frame.
A blurry photo of the words do you feel it yet ?
Various artists-savage xenty vol. 3
A neon sign with a woman 's face drawn on it.
A woman in lingerie and stockings holding a cane.
A gold leaf piece with black and silver accents.
A painting of the city skyline at sunset.
A woman with pink hair and sunglasses is in front of a city.
A blurry image of the sun shining on a dark background.
A painting of a woman with flowers in her hair.
A white square on top of a blue and green background.
A woman with green hair and yellow earrings.
A picture of the same image in different frames.