A woman standing in front of a building with her hands in her pockets.

about ophelia overton (she/her): i’m a graphic designer, copywriter, and producer who spends a lot of time thinking about words and images—how to arrange them, what meaning they make together, and why they matter. my branding and marketing experience sits at the intersection of pop culture and media advocacy. 

history: i got my start in political marketing, mostly copywriting. over the years, as comms teams got smaller or billable hours got tighter, i started taking on more design work and realized it was way more fun. at the same time, i became increasingly intrigued by the ways cultural producers could create change where legislators could not. eventually, i went back to school so i could do graphic design and production full time. i realized that i like words and i like images, but i like what they do together even more. now, i use the term “media maker” to describe my work at large and enjoy projects that incorporate semiotics.

studied: graphic design (parsons), journalism (unsw), and cosmetology (sfiec)

hire me: branding, marketing, styling, production design

likes: sunshine, early mornings, daydreaming

irl: los angeles & new york